The Spiritual Path of Grief and Growth

An excellent article by Brady Boyd, Senior Pastor of New Life Church, on the importance of grief in the process of growth.  “Hope is real. It is available. And it always prevails.”

The Spiritual Path of Grief and Growth

The tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., 12 years ago that resulted in the loss of 12 students and a teacher is eerily similar to the tragedy we experienced 65 miles south at New Life Church in December 2007.

A troubled young man came on our church campus after our morning worship services and killed two of our teenage girls, injuring her father and wounding another woman, before taking his own life in the hallways of our church.

We know the pain of the Columbine families and we know what it feels like to pause each year afterward and remember, mourn again and pray. Our lives continue while the lives of others were cut short by senseless violence. How does a school, a church, a community or anyone move through a dark valley like that?  Continue reading…


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  1. taureanw says:

    How people react to tragedy has always interested me. Who they become after the tragedy always seems to hinder on how they were raised and their remaining support system. I have seen people nearly destroyed by a loss that someone else has had to endure several times and has always come out the other end a seemingly better person. Interesting stuff.

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