When you are a child,
You can be so blissfully unaware of things.
To the point where it’s kind of like living in your own protected, loved, cared-for bubble
That you know nothing of the world outside.

When you are a child,
Your parents protect you from the world to the extent of their abilities.
They set rules and boundaries to help you grow and mature,
So when they let you wander off into this world,
You’re somewhat prepared for what’s ahead.

When you are a child,
You are at a very impressionable age,
Watching people live, you begin to follow them, for that is all you know.
Your character is just a product of what you’ve seen and done.
You learn to live how people have lived for thousands of years.

When I was a child,
I was put in a situation that,
Took me out of my bubble,
Sat me down in the world,
Let me look into its unstable reality,
My parents were unable to protect me,
When our lives really depended on it,
We were thrown into the open unprepared.
The greatest impression was laid down upon my life,
Tasting fear for its authenticity,
Learning about things no child should ever know.

I am still a child,
One who stands a little weird and off because that’s who I am,
One who still loves the same Savior who she was persecuted for.
One who found security in Something; you’d have to experience to understand.
I am still a child,
Affected by one man’s pure hate for my Savior.
A Savior who ended up,
Showing up.
When I needed Him the most.

Kristen and Judy


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1 Response to Children

  1. ladystitches says:

    Kristen…you are amazing! Thank you for the peak into your heart! I love you girl!

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